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A Course in Miracles Text Study - Original Edition

Unity by the Shore
3508 Asbury Ave.
Neptune, NJ 07753
(732) 918-3395
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ACIM Seaside Retreat "I Rest In God"

October 28-31

Cape May Point, New Jersey

Retreat Includes:



Accommodations for 3 nights - private rooms

Five meals veg, non-veg, gluten free

Conference Calls in Common Area

Free time for outdoor reflection - Retreat Center is on the beach, one block from Cape May Point State Park with Lighthouse and 3 nature trails. This weekend will be rich in bird diversity including annual hawk migration Admission to park is free. Also near Sunset Beach.

Saturday Night Flute Concert

Sunday Morning Service by Rev. Pamela “I Rest in God”

Ferry Excursion to Lewes, DE

Visit to Cape Henlopen State Park in DE (Nature trails, historic landmarks and group meditations)

Labyrinth Walk


Does Not Include:

Lunch and Dinner in Lewes, DE on Sunday. (Food is available for purchase on the Ferry or terminal. There are restaurants for various budgets and tastes in downtown Lewes, near the Labyrinth.)

Towels - BYOT

Alcohol - Please do not BYO

Admission to Lighthouse - if you want to climb the spiral staircase, admission is $8.

This is an intimate, contemplative Retreat.

Attendance will be limited and registration is on first come, first served basis.


$450 paid to Compassionate Heart Productions in two

installments. Email for details.



Monday - Friday 9:15 am EST

Read and Study the TEXT

SATURDAY MORNINGS - Practical Applications

Facilitated by Chris Souchack

(712) 775-7035 Pin Code 974635#

A personal and supportive discussion.

 Explore how to apply ACIM in our daily lives. 



The Miracle Revolution Radio

Archived MP3 download at


www.Unity.FM  The Voice of an Awakening World


Unity.FM is Unity’s unique online, spiritual, radio network that serves a global audience. The programs on Unity.FM are a powerful voice in providing the consciousness, clarity and common vision necessary to create transformation in the world today. We call it “The Voice of an Awakening World.”

Listeners can tune in around the clock and hear provocative, uplifting and inspiring programs on topics ranging from what Jesus really taught to how to maintain a spiritual practice with your partner or spouse. The programs are hosted by Unity ministers, licensed teachers and other leaders from within and around the Unity movement.  Unity.FM program guests include today’s hottest and most insightful spiritual leaders from around the world including names like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and more. 

Private Telephone Sessions

One hour telephone sessions. Prayer, study, transformation through forgiveness.


Forgiveness Workshops

"Awakening Loveforce" 2 Hour Workshop -Discourse, Meditation, Inner Amends


“I am so glad I decided to attend this workshop; what a gift Pamela is for us all. I was extremely moved by the loving energy shared by everyone in our sanctuary and felt blessed being part of this experience. I've discovered ho'oponopono to be a really useful practice; it uncovered and brought peace to some pretty sticky and well hidden history. I started the circle expecting one thing and was presented with an opportunity to process an issue I'd actually forgotten.

In Effectual Prayer, F.W.Foulks says "If one person feels any ill will toward another, no matter how great seems the cause for offense, he should cleans his heart with a 'God bless you, I love you, and forgive you' and this blessing should be made part of the feeling nature before it is dropped." My experience with going around the circle and looking directly into a person's eyes while saying these statements and seeing the offender, made in almost impossible to hang on to the hurt present when we started. I too would like to see this somehow incorporated into our practices.” Blessings, Kathy Bates, CT

Lectures at Interfaith Spiritual Centers


"As the universe conspires to shower all of us with blessings. As we forgive, love and embrace our brothers & sisters willingness to play the roles we ask of them in order to wake up, let us find gratitude in that! I have learned there are no "bad" people or "good" people, there just is....ONENESS. Reflections & projections. What a wonderful being Pamela Whitman is, as she graced us with her insights yesterday. I know today, a lot is coming up for me as I am waking up. To know that every opportunity is a catalyst for one's greatness to shine! I just want you all to know, that as I looked around yesterday, I was so in awe of the strength you all show to do this work with one another. It takes true courage to live from the heart and you inspire me to keep my train going... Choo Choo! I just wanted you to know that from the depth of my heart." Tela Bigi CT



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